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Reasons Why a Professional Facial is Better than Home Car

One of the most underestimated, spa treatments is the facial. Many people don’t seem to understand how a facial can help you treat and change your skin, not just relax and rejuvenate. Facials provide both short-term and long-term benefits for your skin and even your overall health. Investing in this treatment will help your skin now and in the future. You might be wondering, what happens in a spa facial?

For a typical facial, it is a skin consultation, deep cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation, extractions, and mask. There might be a massage as well. At home, you can cleanse, exfoliate, extract, and mask, but there are a few things about a spa facial that you can’t get at home.

Professional Facial Vs. At Home Facial

While at home facials are convenient, remember that a professional facial includes products, equipment, and more importantly, the expertise of the esthetician who is giving the facial, all which you cannot recreate on your own. Estheticians are provided with stronger skin care products than the products you can buy in the store and additionally have the training to know how to use those products efficiently and safely. Furthermore, having extractions done during a professional facial is a highly different process than squeezing and poking at your skin at home in the bathroom mirror. During professional facial extractions are performed safely so that the skin is not damaged.

Benefits of Facials

Anyone who has more severe skin issues such as acne, hyperpigmentation (dark spots), or fine lines and wrinkles will see a positive effect from a professional facial. Estheticians have various products and equipment at their disposal for use on clients that you just cannot reproduce on your own. All the skin mentioned above conditions along with any other skin type will exceedingly profit from professional strength exfoliation. Don’t underestimate the ability of proper exfoliation. This step in the facial makes a significant difference in how your skin will look overall for days, and even weeks. It can be the first step in getting your skin to look and feel they way you want it to in the long run. Lastly, facials not only treat current skin issues but restrict other skin problems from occurring in the first place.

Why go?

  1. Professional Strength Exfoliation: The exfoliation is mainly catered towards your particular skin type so that it will give you results that smooth the skin, soften lines, and break up discoloration to promote more even-toned skin.

  2. Clean Out Blackheads and Clogged Pores:Your esthetician will use a skilled method to extract clogged pores, blackheads, and impurities gently without causing harm to your skin. People generally have a hard time removing blackheads at home because home care products can only help to reduce clogged pores.

  3. Intensive Hydration: Every skin type requires hydration. It doesn’t matter if you have oily, acne prone, or dry and flaky skin, your skin cells need water to survive. To maintain healthy skin, it is important to keep it topically hydrated.

  4. Professional Advice: Part of getting a facial is receiving a lesson from experts on how to care for your skin properly. This experience includes which products will work the best for your skin type, and you will learn how care for your skin at home so you can have the best results for your facial.

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