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Class Date 09/10/2023


Class Date 09/10/2023

            The Piercing Course

This course is designed to give you everything you need to start understanding the world of body piercing and everything that is related to it.

Our course syllabus is covered over a four day period and is held on site at our brand new  studio - check out the Where We Are page to find out more

What does the course Cover?

The course covers the following areas:

Body and dermal Piercing

  • The process of (above the waist) body piercing using industry best practice techniques

  • Jewellery sizing and placement 

  • Set up preparation and break down

  • Piercing bylaws

  • Human anatomy


Health & Safety

  • How to spot signs of infection and complications from piercings 

  • Understanding pathogens

  • What is blood born exposure

  • COVID precautions

  • What is cross contamination and how to prevent it

  • How to keep a hygienic studio

  • How to safely sterilise equipment

  • Theory and practical piercing on real people

Turning your experience into a business

  • What to consider to setup your own piercing business

  • Preferred stockists of jewellery with discounts available to qualified students of the Piercing Academy

All students on the course will be able to use the equipment supplied by the piercing studio where the course is taught.

What happens at the end of the course?

Upon completion, students receive a certificate of completion once they have passed the theory and practical examinations, and those students who do not pass will be able to retake the test again free of charge.

Apprentiship School



   To provide Quality, Education , CAREER preparation in the Piercing arts, We strive to provide positive, and Professional training, in a highly motivated atmosphere.  With qualified instructors. We will incorporate many different Piercings styles in our curriculum to ensure a complete diverse education to our students.  


We are an intimate Studio offering small classes for a more hands on approach.We have a clinic Room  learning area, and hands on Judgment free feel.



 Knowing that the industry is quite competitive in nature and having a full shop experience is a huge advantage.We want to offer something others courses do not, this naturally led me to opening Pierced/TNT Hair Design LLC.  A place where our future piercers will get the latest and up to date information for Body Art.



Here at Pierced, We not only teach you above the waist body piercing Techniques and dermal implants, we will cover hygiene practices, sterilizing and everything you need to get licensed.  We provide a place where apprentices can work and build up their portfolio and gain real life shop experience.


I am so excited to have you be a part of an amazing team and fast growing industry!



Terri Carpenter

Master Piercer/Stylist


Different piercings you will be taught:

Ear Piercing



upper lobes


outer helix


forward helix







Facial Piercing

eye brow







vertical labret



Body Piercing

male nipples

female nipples


navel (belly button)

reverse navel 

dermal implants


Courses 1100 hours 

We offer a wide variety of courses, each priced as follows:

Body Piercing & Dermal course:

  • $800.00 deposit is required to secure your place and will be deducted from the total cost

We also offer the following extra courses:

  • Modules for extended learning

  • Body piercing only

  • Dermal only

  • Free hand course

  • Customised refresher courses on all aspects of piercing

These can be mixed and matched and custom designed to suit your needs. This includes refresher courses, technique updates or extended learning for experienced piercers.

Please use the contact form for a free consultation 


During your course, the studio will provide all the essential equipment needed. 

Start-up packs will be available to buy for students who pass the course at a bargain price

School Application

Registration to Pierced T-N-T Hair Design LLC is now open. Browse our forms and information below and download the files you need. If you have any questions, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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